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Helpful Tips for Stress Awareness Month

In this day in age, it seems as though everywhere we turn stress is coming at us from every direction. Stress at home, stress at the workplace, stress with our children, stress in traffic, stress at the schools and so on.

Although, there are ways that we can be proactive in our own personal lives to counteract this and be able to cope with whatever comes our way in our day to day lives.

Talking about the problems that we are having is key. Find a friend or family member that you feel safe with. Talking to one another about the problems that we are facing can not only help us but can help heal others as well.

Writing things down is very helpful when our thoughts keep spiraling. The act of writing our thoughts down lets our brain know that what we are feeling is ‘safe’ and there is no need to continue holding onto it. Let it go.

Learn to relax. Breathing techniques are very helpful in bringing the mind, body, spirit and soul together. Deep breathes in and deep breathes out. There are countless breathing exercises available for you to try.

Do the things that you enjoy daily. In just as little as 15 minutes a day, doing something that we love can change our entire mindset for the day.

When all else fails, smile! Laughter is one of the best medicines that we have in order to combat stress. It changes our mood instantly and can give us a different outlook about our current circumstances.

Above all, have fun, live your life and put plans in place for when things do go a little sideways!

By Fiona Sommerhalder



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