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Content SEO Worksheet

Your Ultimate Worksheet for Creating Content That Ranks

One of the most important aspects of creating content is understanding keywords and how to use them. A keyword is the word or phrases that get entered into search engines, like Google. It’s important to remember that a keyword isn’t always one word. It can be a phrase, too. Think about keywords that pertain to your business and brand, as well as what questions your potential customers might be asking.

Use the worksheet below to identify keywords that you will create content around. Think about words that are intrinsic to your company’s brand and/or product. For example, maybe you own a coffee shop. You’ll naturally want to create content about coffee-related topics. One of your keywords could be “how to grind coffee.”

Using the worksheet, write the keyword, the primary intent for the keyword, and content ideas you have for that keyword. The first one is filled in as an example.



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