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Artist Spotlight - Juliana Hale

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Juliana Hale is a ground-breaking, up and coming pop artist, but at her core, she is a songwriter with stories to tell and emotions to bear. She’s been writing music since she was 9 years old, which is when she first picked up a guitar in Southern California and fell in love with the expressive nature of the art. Since then she has learned to play the piano, flute, bass, and ukulele. When Hale was 10, her family packed up and moved across the country to Nashville, TN, so that Juliana could chase her dreams there. At the time, her biggest inspiration was Taylor Swift, so Hale was pursuing country music.

Juliana’s family have been a driving force for her career. They have supported her since the first song and her stepdad even drives her bus when they go on the road. Hale’s mom is the owner of a successful creative marketing company called Splash Box Marketing, and they have worked together on the visual side of her career since it started. Juliana’s brother shares her passion for music and has been an inspiration for her from a young age. His violin is even sampled on an upcoming track called “Crazy” featuring Derek Minor.

Since moving to Nashville, Juliana’s style has developed into the versatile pop artist she is today. As a lover of music, her influences range from rock to pop to R&B, singer-songwriter, Hip-Hop, and blues. Her current inspirations are Halsey, Hozier, Blackbear, Amy Winehouse, and Ed Sheeran. However, she grew up listening to everything from Shania Twain to My Chemical Romance. She draws from this wide range of inspiration to create music completely of her own, forging her own unique style with each new song.

When people first hear Juliana sing, they are surprised by the unique soulfulness of her voice. Her voice is warm and expressive, molded by struggle, passion and determination. When Hale was 15, she began dealing with chronic health issues. In the process, her vocal cords were severely damaged, and she had to relearn how to sing. For years she struggled, and even though she couldn’t use her voice and had to transition to online schooling, Hale used that time to write more than 1,000 songs and truly hone her craft.

Juliana’s songs are raw and relatable, while still capturing the energetic edge of the pop genre. She writes from the heart and has been using music as a therapeutic outlet for over a decade. Hale draws inspiration from her personal life experiences as well as the situations she observes around her, documenting life from her perspective. She writes a lot about love, but more recently she’s been writing about the struggles of growing up, feeling lonely, trying to make her own way in the world.

Juliana Hale has played a handful of festivals and shows over the last two years that have taken her all across the country. As far as festivals go, she has taken the stage at Breakaway, Common Ground, Hawgfest, Freaky Deaky, SXSW, and Numbers Fest in just 2019 alone. She shared those tickets with artists Zedd, Halsey, Kaskade, Mardhmello, Jack Harlow, YG, and many more. Her first pop show was opening up for Flo Rida at the 2018 Leather & Laces Super Bowl pre party show hosted by Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg. Hale has played iconic venues such as Wildhorse, Exit In, Rocketown, Hard Rock Café, Margaritaville, Alley Taps and BB Kings. She also supported Mariana’s Trench on their tour across Texas clubs.

Besides being on the stage, being in the studio is Juliana’s favorite place to be. She has worked with Grammy award winning producers Earl Cohen, Skidd Mills, and Jared Lee Gosselin. Hale is also currently collaborating with artist and producer Derek Minor. She has also written with both award-winning writer Ed Hill and Pillar/Brantley Gilbert guitarist Noah Henson. Currently, two EPs are in the works. The upcoming projects will blend both urban and organic sounds to create a fresh sound. Juliana also plans to do more EDM collaborations following the release of her Dangerous Remix with KUMERA.

Not only is Juliana a force to be reckoned with on stage, putting on energetic and engaging performances, but she also shines off stage. She has roles coming up in several independent films and also hosts a weekly live show. Juliana is excited to dip her toe into that world in 2020 and 2021.



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