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Start A New Remediation Project


Please send the final file type you'd like to have remediated.

Review additional instructions below.

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Send Documents


If you are NEW CLIENT, please complete Step #1 and Step #2.  Returning clients skip to Step #2


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Must be submitted when uploading files for review.

Will Alternative Text Be Provided
Save For Fast Web Viewing
Are All Documents in Their Final Format For Remediation
What Type of Accessibility Report is Requested
Are All Documents Named According to How They Will Be Used Online


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Upload the files for review using the form below.


Once we receive your document(s) for review, we will send you an estimate. If you have a specific due date, please provide in the notes when you send the document and we will let you know if we can meet the requested date.  

When you approve the project, will will contact you for payment options. We will work with credit card payments or signed purchase orders.

When your document is completed, we will return to you via an online download link along with your accessibility report(s), which are your proof that your document as met the most recent 508 accessibility standards.


Please read the following.  We want to provide you with excellent service and these items will help us meet your expectations for
508 Remediation.

1. FILE TYPE:  Please provide the exact file and file format that you would like remediated. For example: if you have sent a Microsoft file for review, but would like a pdf remediated as your final file, please send the final pdf file. We will not convert your document to a pdf, due to issues with fonts and formatting between different versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. We will remediate Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, but the documents will be returned as those same formats. If you want us to remediate both file types of your document, the price is based upon the page count for both documents combined. A remediated Word file does not turn into a remediated PDF, so the two are not charged as one document.
2. FILE NAME:  Please name the document as you are going to use it online. If you change the name once we have remediated it, the accessibility report will no longer match up to your document name and you will no longer have proof that your document is compliant, should someone request that information.
3. DOCUMENT SIZE RESTRICTIONS: If you have document size restriction, please provide that information up front in your initial EMAIL for approval.  Also, if you have a document size restriction, please make sure your document is well below that size restriction when you send it to us and keep in mind that 508 Remediation does increase the size of the document due to the added information. It is always a good practice to make sure your initial document size is about half of what your upload restriction is when you send it to us for remediation.  We will not downsize your document due to issues with data being removed and a loss of resolution when this is done. Since we are not privy to your final intentions for the document, we do not alter the document that you send other than provide the 508 Remediation.
4. ALTERNATIVE TEXT:  We do our best to write the alternative text for images within your document based upon the clues within the image and the copy around the image.  You know your document and the information far better than we will, so if you have specific alternative text you would like us to use for your images, please send a word document, with page number and the alternative text for each image with your print order and approval to start the project. Otherwise, you will need to adjust this information after we return the document. If alternate text already exists within your document, our policy is not to replace it. Whether this was auto generated or hand inserted. If you would like us to replace the alt text throughout your document, please indicate before we are given the approval to proceed. There will be additional charges if requested after the document remediation is completed. 

5. EXTRAS:  If you have specific items you feel need to be addressed or left unchanged in your document, please provide these details before we start the remediation process. If there are specifics that should have been conveyed prior to the start of the document and cannot be changed without re-remediating the document, you will be charged for the additional remediation. Please let us know if your job is urgent, our turnaround time is based on workload. If you want to choose what the bookmarks are this is a special request and will come with an additional charge. If you would like the document saved for fast website viewing upon completion, please let us know when we start.


6.  ACCESSIBILITY REPORTS:  We offer CommonLook PDF or Adobe Acrobat reports. If you need something else, please let us know prior to starting the project. We remediate to Section 508 WCAG 2.0AA. Please let us know if you'd like us to use a different standard for your documents before we get started.


7. PROJECT CHANGES:  If you modify the remediation order after the estimate is provided, you must convey this in an email prior to us starting the job. If you do not notify us that you are changing the list of requested documents in writing, we will charge you for the complete order, regardless of what is listed on the 2511 Print Order. Often the Print Order is not complete or does not list the documents being processed, so they are not a good source of information for our process.  


8. FINAL DOCUMENTS:  If the documents sent for review for an estimate are not final, you must upload final documents with the print order and send an email clearly telling us which documents to use for the remediation order. 


9. CORRECTIONS:  We will make corrections to the 508 Remediation due to errors by our team without charge. Each project has up to two opportunities for you to provide revisions for any Splash Box Marketing errors.

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