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The Aaag Hi Aag Full Movie In Hindi Hd Free Download wendre




The film starred Anil Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Manisha Koirala, Sonu Walia, Puneet Issar and Amol Palekar in the lead roles. The film was an unreleased film of the Hindi cinema and became an instant hit because of its unexpected box office collection. It was the last film of Anil Kapoor, and last film of director T L V Prasad, and also the last film of director Bharat Jadhav and music director Adnan Sami. The film was based on the life of Ghazi Mirza, the mastermind of the terrorist attack in the Parliament House, Delhi on March 3, 2001, when 13 people were killed and 77 others were injured. Ghazi Mirza was sentenced to death in that attack by a special court in Delhi. Plot Raj Kumar (Anil Kapoor) is a police officer, who is married to an honest and talented police officer, Rekha (Manisha Koirala). On the day of his wife's retirement, they get an invitation from the home minister of India (Anupam Kher), to his house. A terrorist, Ghazi Mirza (Puneet Issar), also invites Raj Kumar to his house. It is shown that Ghazi Mirza has an affair with Raj Kumar's wife Rekha, and he is planning to rob a house of money belonging to Haji Aslam (Sonu Walia), a business man. In that house, Ghazi Mirza murders the owner of the house, his wife, her brother, two of their friends and two neighbors. When the police comes to their house, Ghazi Mirza sends all those who are uninvolved in the affair, including the victim's children and Raj Kumar, as hostages. Raj Kumar escapes from the terrorist's house, and he tells the police about the whole affair. On the day of retirement of Rekha, it is revealed to the police that Ghazi Mirza is planning to rob a big business deal, and he asks Raj Kumar to accompany him to the robbery. On that day, Raj Kumar meets his wife in her office, and Rekha gives a file to Raj Kumar, which is a complete story of the terrorist's life, including his early life, his profession and his motivation for the terrorist act. On that day, Raj Kumar also finds out that Rekha is meeting with Ghazi Mirza in the hotel. He




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The Aaag Hi Aag Full Movie In Hindi Hd Free Download wendre

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